The Journey to Success

Human development starts early, from when a child is born, and continues through adulthood. We receive forms of education both from our family at home and from our teachers at school, through diverse acts and subjects. Our family exposed us to various professions that we might want to have when we grow up. For example, when I was in sixth grade at school, I dreamt of joining the army. I developed that dream from growing up with my grandfather who was an army veteran. He always shared stories of the difficult times when he was still an active-duty soldier, mainly stories from before our country’s independence in 1945 and a few years after that. Listening to his stories, I felt like watching war movies; being a soldier meant that he could only be at home with his family once every four to six months, return to base then fight against the colonialists, and repeat the same cycle for years until he finally retired. I thought if I grew up and became a soldier one day, that living a life like my grandfather was the definition of success. However, I understood much later that it was not.

Success is something that, as a concept, remains universal in its appeal and motivation for attainment, whilst seeming consistently to lack definition (Shannon, Smith, and La, 2017, 257). The definition of success differs for each person, thus we have to define what success looks like to us, defining it in our own terms. Success cannot be gained in an instant, the process to achieve success takes time and is full of challenges. One can define oneself successful when he/she has accomplished not only one but a series of accomplishments. Success is something that can give you a sense of pride and makes your life better.

The path to success does not always come the way you want it to be, you are bound to face obstacles along the way. The challenge of achieving a big goal can be overcome by setting smaller, achievable goals first. For example, it is easier to focus on what you can do in a day than what you can do within a year. Thus, reaching that big goal can become overwhelming and you might end up losing focus and confidence. Accomplishing small goals and facing the challenges one by one will dramatically improve your focus and confidence towards reaching the final goal.

Sometimes, along with success, comes failure. Success is the process of ultimately achieving a goal, and when the process does not turn out the way one wants it to be, it results in failure. Remember that one must be able to turn the failures into motivation and get back on track to achieve their goal. We can become successful by starting the process by setting our goals, then build a strategic plan on how to achieve them. “Most people think of strategy as an event, but that’s not the way the world works,” says Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen in the online course Disruptive Strategy. “When we run into unanticipated opportunities and threats, we have to respond. Sometimes we respond successfully; sometimes we don’t. But most strategies develop through this process. More often than not, the strategy that leads to success emerges through a process that’s at work 24/7 in almost every industry.” Success is also a consequence of having a series of accomplishments. Thus, you might find it easier if you break down your goals in order to create a series of accomplishments. Trust me, you will be proud of yourself when you achieve your goals, one after the other.

Every single day, we learn something, we move one step forward, and get closer to our goal. Achieving the goal is like a journey that you need to enjoy. There are few reasons why we have to be successful:

  • We want to be successful because it is our life goal;
  • We love the feeling of winning;
  • We want to pay back failure with our efforts;
  • We need stimulation;
  • We find success as a solution for our problems;

In conclusion, hard work and success go hand in hand because life is designed to be tough. Nothing is delivered to you in a package right at your doorstep. In an actual sense, there are so many challenges in life that only hardworking people can overcome. This explains why there are very few successful people in the world today. Keep in mind, success is like a journey, you will easily find traffic and speed bumps along the way. If you face an issue or weakness, search for a solution right away. You need to keep reminding yourself of what you personally think is the definition of success in life, then you will be able to enjoy the journey happily.



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